Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kaipara in a kayak

With a steady downpour as we arrived after setting out  before 7am to meet the high tide, it wasn't looking good to launch the kayak. As  we struggled to put the waterproof gear on in the rain this seemed to transform the day and by the time we were on the water the sun was shining. The mission was to search for good locations for potential nesting sites for some rare birds. Then returning from an island while there was some water left in the kaipara so we didn't have to trudge through deep mud, we then explored for seed regeneration. This was in  in the recent fire damaged forests along the Kaipara edge and also in the Dome valley on our way home.

On the beach of one of the islands we found an interesting plant Tauhinu which is a native weed. I remember seeing this along the wharf road on Tiri.