Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Press Release!

Enjoyed meeting up today with Hannah Morris from the North Shore Times and Anne, another North Shore F&B committee member. Hannah had shown an interest in Naturepath and had agreed to meet at Heath Reserve right next to Tuff Crater so that we could outline the route of Naturepath.

Hannah Morris photographs Anne and I overlooking Shoal Bay and the entrance to Tuff Crater.

Hannah and I have corresponded before regarding the pelicans on the Northern Waroa River near Dargaville when a small group from our local branch went on a pelican hunt in September 2013.

Hannah wrote up an article complete with photos about these visitors from Australia.

Tuff Crater entrance and the proposed route of Naturepath

Today we were showing  Hannah the  advantages of this nature friendly route, Naturepath, which would help protect the dotterels nesting on the East side of the motorway and also would link with community and Tuff crater.