Monday, September 8, 2014

Under the Clock Tower

It's a date Eliane. I will be wearing something sassy-my walking boots!
And so we met for lunch and then had a muddy climb all the way to the top of Mt Tamahunga checking a new trap line that followed the fence line which appeared to be a favourite path for cattle hence the deep mud almost all the way to the top.

 It was steep and a funny moment when after negotiating some mud Eliane decided to clean her boots in the stream only to sink deeper the moment she stepped out of the stream. We laughed as her boots sunk deeper than before into the sticky squelchy mud but then I had to follow her and do the same.

 The descent was better via another trap line which followed a drier route. Just rats in the traps today which seems to correlate with winter and wetter weather as they search and take more risks for food.

A good fun walk with our usual humour and a very enjoyable day also visiting a little island before the light faded and not quite getting marooned for the night and having to fight over my muesli bar for breakfast. This was followed by a delicious Indian meal accompanied by a glass or two of Pino Gris.