Saturday, June 28, 2014

Congratulations Margi and BWT.

I arrived  just in  time at Sylvan Park for Margi's speech in celebration of  a 10 year birthday for her very popular bush walking programme called 'Bush Walk and Talk' (BWT).

 A good crowd had turned up for a walk by the lake and I just had to get a group photo of this event.

I knew that Margi would be leading the group to see  the just into flowering  Kohekohe, Dysoxylum Spectabile. 

This tree caught my imagination when I learnt that a sample of the flowers were taken on Captain James Cook's 1769 NZ expedition to GT Britain and then over 200 years later were gifted back to New Zealand. The framed botanical sample is stored at Te Papa museum and on a visit to Wellington last year I hoped to see this but unfortunately its not on display at the museum at that time.

I was sorry that I couldn't stay for the walk today but had some other commitments.

Well done Margi and hopefully BWT will still be going strong in another ten years.