Monday, June 30, 2014

Motuora Island

Great to catch up with some people met previously on Motuora and Tiri.

Shelley and Wolfgang who I hadn't seen since April 2013 when we were track clearing on the Island.

 We had on that visit forgotten to set our watches for daylight saving so headed back for lunch an hour early and were disappointed that the BBQ wasn't lit and ready but it was only 11am.

Bev and Fran I recently met in April on my last visit to Tiri and there had been a good group of people staying at that time.

Yesterday we were tree planting in the direction of the created gannet colony, complete with fake plastic gannets and a continual sound recording booming out over the sea of gannets calling.

Thanks Eliane for cooking dinner and for an enjoyable relaxing fun evening as always..

More photos to follow...........................